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― Murder For Two ―

This work, which was performed at New World Stages Off-Broadway in 2013, was reviewed and published in the New York Times, "Don't miss this masterpiece musical comedy!" Murder For Two was praised as a murder mystery comedy colored with "stylish" and outstanding songs, and premiered in Japan in 2016. The unprecedented musical style, where two cast members played all 13 roles, and at the same time played the piano, attracted a lot of attention. The show received the 24th Yomiuri Theater Award for Best Actor (Masayuki Sakamoto) and Excellent Staff Award (Lighting Tamotsu Harada).

― The Story ―

Arthur Whitney, a great American writer, was shot and killed at his birthday party. One hour from the scene, Marcus, a rookie detective, heads to the scene with his partner Lou. Unique suspects stand in the way. Is the criminal Dahlia Whitney, Arthur's famous wife? Or is it Prima donna Ballerina, Barrett Lewis? Is it the psychiatrist Dr. Griff that treats you with a familiar attitude? Suspects playing with the case in a limited time until the veteran detective arrives. Can Marcus really find the real criminal? A musical that blends music, disturbance and murders with perfect distribution. Two actors play a total of 13 characters.

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